10897118_10205555716831628_2865619863277218428_nArtist Statement

Creating artwork is a personal, internal interpretation of the outside world. The subject matters veer toward the seemingly lonely and left out while contrasting and/or saturated colors express my passion for a connection with someone. Compassion, solace, healing, and hope fuel the inspiration for this team of verbal versus non-verbal communication.

The Muto Story:

Darlene Muto, of Muto Art, was born in Tucson, Arizona on December 16, 1979. With a family comprised of artists and musicians, her creativity was nurtured allowing her to be the person she is today. From a young age, drawing and painting were an instinct that evolved into the the career she cultivates. Her artistic studies have included several different colleges such as Pensacola Junior College, Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts College of Art, and Florida State College of Jacksonville. Muto enjoys working in mediums including but not limited to graphite, soft pastels and charcoal with her main focus being in acrylic and oil painting on stretched canvas. She created Muto Art in 2008, and has exhibited in several art shows, markets, fine art festivals, restaurants and galleries. Currently residing in Alachua, FL, she is working on the “Equine and the Ocean Series”. She has expanded her art to include over-sized paintings and murals.

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